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Expect Results with HMS Eliza

To learn more about the measurable results your health plan can expect when working with HMS Eliza, schedule a conversation with one of our health engagement management experts.

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Check out these resources to learn how Eliza engages healthcare consumers to take a more active role in their chronic condition management.

Chronic Condition Management

Achieve Positive Heart Health Outcomes

Cholesterol screening was 7% higher in the intervention group — taking the health plan from a 4.5-Star status to a 5-Star Rating across both clinical and satisfaction measures.

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Close Clinical Care Gaps in Diabetes Populations

HbA1c test completion rates nearly doubled, along with the percentage of members who saw a physician within 90 days — contributing to an annual savings of $16 per member.

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Use Culturally Adapted Approaches to Engagement

More Spanish-speaking members closed gaps for their microalbumin analysis (kidney disease monitoring) when enrolled in a culturally adapted outreach program.

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Improve Statin Therapy for Hypertension & Diabetes

Members with diabetes and/or hypertension who were enrolled in the intervention group experienced a 25% increase in statin therapy adherence compared to the control.

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Maintain Asthma Control in Pediatric Populations

Among children aged 3 to 12 years old with an Asthma diagnosis, inhaled corticosteroid adherence was 24% higher in the intervention group than in the usual care group.

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Increase Antidepressant Medication Adherence

A payer with a large Medicaid population achieved a 13% increase in antidepressant adherence using theory- and focus group-informed targeted outreach programs.

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